Not So Dark is a food delivery industry solution

driven by strong business intelligence

that creates top notch brands with

menus that urban eaters love

Not so Dark
Not so Dark
Not so Dark

It all started with two foodies and a Mediterranean restaurant in Paris

Delivery was off the hook

We knew there had to be a solution that would allow the restaurant to keep cranking out orders without compromising the dine-in experience.

So we created a solution that resolved the problems of crappy food quality, delivery delays at peak times, high rents and unpleasant working conditions: Not So Dark.

What makes Not So Dark unique?

Strong business intelligence

BI is at the very heart of our business. Data on price, product and process is continually evaluated to make sure everything is 100% efficient, cost-effective and scalable. It’s what keeps our end-to-end online delivery experience optimized so customers stay satisfied and sales keep booming.

Product obsessed

An R+D unit. A meal tasting team. Skilled food engineers. Master chefs. Not So Dark is the first online food delivery company to put all these pieces together to design culinary brands with products that feed real market needs. We also source local in-season products and end with beautiful eco packaging.

Crowd pleasing

Our eaters are mostly urban millennials who order everything online and expect it in a flash. We love the challenge of exceeding their expectations – from providing a superior digital ordering experience to delighting them with meals that are delicious, fresh and new.

Bright + Human

There’s nothing dark about our kitchens. Our brand name is a tribute to our philosophy and ethics. We love all things digital, but really owe everything to the bright human minds that show up every day to work hard, think big and connect all the points in our food delivery universe.

We’re going global fast – bringing our scalable model of brands, kitchens and logistics to city after city

Not So Dark scales quickly, affordably and humanely. Its business model is not subject to the usual high city rents, so kitchens are central, bright, hivelike. They’re not so dark!

We’ve already got Paris and Nice covered with connected kitchens that feed the city with our delectable foods. Next up? Barcelona, Amsterdam, Lyon, Bordeaux, Madrid, Brussels– and beyond.

Want to expand with us? Find out about our franchise model.