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With Not So Dark, your kitchen can pull in an additional £50,000+ /month

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How it works

  • We set it all up

    Everything is done for you – fast-selling brands, recipes, ingredient sourcing. NSD is super easy to operate and built to sell, assemble and deliver fast.

  • It all runs on an app

    All delivery platforms are unified in a single NSD app

  • You just fill the orders

    Orders are quick to assemble. It’s easy money – no matter how you slice it.

Why NSD?

No additional overhead

Not So Dark boosts the profits of your existing kitchen. You just keep doing what you are doing – but with a lot more revenue every month.

Nothing to invest

Our virtual brand licensing model is risk free and plugs right into your business. There’s no risk, nothing to invest, no need to rent additional space.

Quick on-site setup

In just 15 days, our team comes in and optimises your space for fast assembly – equipment, workflow and all.

Invisible Footprint

Not So Dark fits quietly into your establishment. There is no interruption of existing kitchen activity. Dine in clients don’t see a thing.

Who We Are

  • 9 Brands
  • 300 Virtual restaurants
  • 6.500 Bellies filled every day
  • 30M Audience
  • 60 Cities across France, UK & Belgium

Restaurants that love Not So Dark

“I’ve doubled my revenue with Not So Dark!”


Founder, l’Atelier du Burger

“Since partnering with Not So Dark, I've been able to optimise resources and diversify my income.”


Owner, Le 54 Grill

“Not So Dark allows me to monetise my unoccupied venue space.”


Owner, May Thaï Restaurant